In this looks-obsessed society, it seems almost everyone is really looking forward to losing weight and stay in shape and this 1500 calorie diet can be the key to their success. It is one of the most vital diet types that can help you to lose weight in a very effective way.

1500 calorie dietNow you should know the facts about 1500 calorie diet plan-

This diet plan consists of a three-quarter calorie intake of a person’s regular diet. This low-calorie plan is very effective and this is one of the safest ways to lose weight without experiencing any sort of side effects.

The methodology of this 1500 calorie plan is simply perfect for everyone, except the people who have some serious heath conditions.

How 1500 calorie diet works…know it-

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Just like any other efficient diet plan, this diet also works in same manner. It tricks the metabolism rate to shed the extra pounds. It helps our bodies to consume very less amount of calories so that body can use the stored up adipose fat to maintain the required level of the energy, thus helps in losing weight in a healthy way.

Is it risky?

There are different types of calorie diets available in the market and this particular diet plan is considered to the safest of all diets. This diet involves in consuming a lot of vitamins and minerals which make up the changes in the eating habit. Eating healthy nutritional items add up to 1500 calories every day and that actually helps one to get extremely benefited from this diet plan.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this diet plan, it is really important to monitor the regular consumption of daily calories.

The complete meal plan of 1500 calorie diet:


Milk/tea 1 cup along with brown bread with salad fillings or boiled egg ( only white part). Make sure you either choose the bread or eggs, do not have both at a time.

Snacks for mid-morning:- 11am is the perfect time for mid-morning snack and sprouts or roasted grams could be the perfect items for this snack.

Lunch (1.30 pm):– Salad or vegetable soup, 2 piece of grilled chicken pieces and 1 cup curd which is made for double toned milk.

Evening snacks:– 1 fruit or oats with desired vegetables and make sure this it comes without potatoes.

Dinner:– The dinner should be same as lunch.

Bed time:– Have a glass of warm milk with less or no sugar.

Foods that you need to avoid:

  1. Any items sold in bakery store.
  2. No sweet items that come with sugar content
  3. No potato, yam, arbi or sweet potato

Just like following any kind of diet plan, 1500 calorie diet also should be followed with proper dedication and patience so that you can achieve the desired result within a shorty span of time.

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