A lot of people following a no carb diet still do not have any idea about what are the best foods for no carb diet. Now you should what no carb diet is. A no carb diet is that particular diet that allows you to only have natural or processed foods that come with zero carbohydrate content.

best foods for no carb dietThere are three types of carbohydrates-sugar, starch and fiber.

Yes, sugar and fiber both are carbohydrates.

Most of the people still understand carbs by starch which is found in bread, rice, pasta and beans and they don’t even know sugar and fiber are also come under the shadow of carbohydrate.

When it comes to having healthy carbohydrate,  you can have as much fiber as you can. The best part of consuming foods that contain high amount of search is that they do not break down into sugar and leave the body undigested. It delivers very less amount of sugar in our body and at the same time it improves our bowel system and helps in reducing level of bad cholesterol.

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When we say no carb or low carb foods, we do not refer fiber. We strongly refer sugar and starch.

When it comes to losing weight in a very healthy and scientific manner, best foods for no carb diet can be a big help as these foods come with almost zero level of carbohydrate.

Now you should know about the best foods for no carb diet:


Well this is a very obvious fact that water is a complete carb free drink so there’s no limitation in consuming water.

Coffee and tea:

Tea or coffee without milk is always carb free. There’s no harm in having black coffee or tea.

No carb fresh and unprocessed meats:

No carb diet is the best diet for meat lovers as it allows you to any amount of meats until it is not processed. Meats in any fast foods come with a lot of carbs.  According to the Harvard School Of Public Health, eating processed meats such as burgers, hotdogs and deli meats can significantly increase the chance of heart disorders and diabetes.


Usually most of fishes come with no carbs. but some of the popular fishes for this kind of diet are-cod, tun, halibat, haddock, halibut, sardine, lobster, shrimps etc.

No carbs oil:

The following oils have no carbs but one thing you should remember that oils contain high amount of calories and that’s the reason why you should not over consume oils.

Vegetable and fruits:

Most of the vegetables and fruits have very less amount of carbohydrates but they are high in minerals and vitamins that your body really needs, so you should have a lot of vegetables.

Some of the well vegetables for no carbs diet are broccoli, asparagus, pumpkins, cauliflower, chicory greens, Chinese cabbage, spinach, bamboo shoots, basils etc.

Popular fruits for low carb diet are any types of berries and avocadoes.

Now you know what are the best foods for no carb diet and it’s time to start this diet plan with a serious approach.

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