Diet food also known as dietetic food is the type of food that is altered in its sugar content and in its fat or carbohydrate content to make it a part of the weight loss program also known as diet. Diet foods are in charge to help lose weight and change the body type even after the consumption of body supplements after exercising either to gain weight or lose it or to gain muscle. Diet foods include light or zero calorie foods, low calorie foods, low fat or no fat foods and mostly, sugar free foods. For people, preparing to lose weight it is very important to stay away from foods rich in fat and sugar. diet food

Whole grain foods are much preferred as they are rich in fiber and replace the high starch content of the flour. Sugar must be replaced with its substitute. Such foods must be consumed that provide much energy in very less calorie intake.

When people start a diet usually they are confused about what to eat and how to start off with the diet. For beginners usually, it is tough to understand what type of food one should eat to maintain a proper diet and hereby mentioned below are the foods enlisted in three different grades as proteins, carbs and fats.

Foods rich in protein:

A lot of foods rich in protein help you in your diet that boosts up your energy and helps one in heavy workout. Proteins help in building up the muscles that gives you energy for intense workout. Foods rich in protein include eggs, egg white, chicken (without skin), cottage cheese (low fat or no fat), turkey (without skin), black beans, tofu, miso, almonds, cashews, hazel nuts, pistachio nuts, natural peanut butter, lobster, lean cuts of pork, beef, lamb and veal. There are other food too rich in protein that help in diet.

Foods rich in carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates provide energy to the body and it serves as fuel for central nervous system and the muscular system. Nerves are dependent on glucose for their proper functioning and the muscles use the glycogen present in the blood stream and glucose in blood. However, foods rich in carbohydrates gives you a lot of energy for your intense workout. Foods rich in carbohydrates include brown rice, oat meals, yams, lentils, grapes, banana, pineapple, apple, orange, pears, whole grain pasta, pita bread, white bread and others.

Food rich in fats:

Fatty foods are said to increase the fat but it is very much necessary for fatty foods to be in your diet in a certain amount to help you gain energy. Foods rich in fats include flax seeds, flax seeds oil, sunflower seeds, peanuts, halibut, olive oil (extra virgin) and others.

For a proper diet food one must control all the above mentioned list of ingredients in your food and balance it. It would not only help you in building up your muscles or weight loss but it would also increasing the efficiency of your diet.

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