Exercises to lose belly fat – This 21st century people change the lifestyle by doing multi-task on same time and missed to do the exercise every day, the new research said 70% of people changed their food style which we followed on 20th century and moved to fast food ( Junk Food ) it is one of the reason they put extra pounds in the body especially tummy ( Stomach) and in future it causes diabetes as well, due to work over load in office and fast moving life style, people are not spending enough time to do exercise either Moring or Evening, spending minimum 20 minute per day to do exercises to lose belly fat is more than enough. It will be resulting to keep the body fit and shape within few days.

how to lose belly fatExtra Fat in Tummy

When we discuss with fat people their first approach is always try to reduce the tummy fat, but that is not easy before reducing the fat around the abs, First try to reduce the extra fat around the abs by doing cardiovascular exercise that will help to reduce fat fast in multiple muscles, then try circuit training that burns all the calories in the body short period of time

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Focus one area First

Reducing fat in the body is very good but reducing the fat in the whole body on same time it is not the good practice and it will end up with some other issue, Have to focus on one area ( 70/30 percentage ) and start doing workout and follow the diet method, and give 30 % concentration to the other area to sustain the body active to reduce the calories, once your body is thin then do all the exercise and follow the diet method on same time to keep the body fit and shape

Proper Sleep to lose belly fat

If you are doing enough exercise to reduce the belly fat without proper sleep it will end up with stress and unable to continue for long time, minimum 7 hours of sleep is important to keep the body fit

Food Habit

Only exercise won’t reduce the belly fat, food habit is very important to reduce the belly fat, eat less sugar and always include more protein and vegetables that will keep you fit for longer.

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