Atkins diet – There are a lot of weight loss programs that claim to help you lose those extra pounds faster. Some nutritionist suggest eating raw fruits and vegetables whereas other say that adopting a diet rich in animal proteins can help lose  weight faster. Well, when it comes to a diet rich in animal proteins, it reminds us of Atkins diet. With lot being said about this diet, let us explore the facts about the diet.

Atkins dietWhat is Atkins Diet?

The diet was created by Robert Atkins. The diet lets the dieters eat lots of fats and protein foods and eliminate carbohydrates. This diet made the dieters happy as they liked the idea of giving up on carbohydrates over fat foods like bacon, sausages and steak. With the introduction of this diet, many people thought that the diet will not prove to be healthy as it comprises of excessive amounts of proteins and fats.

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Whether Atkins Diet works?

According to various studies, Atkins diet really works and the results were amazing for people who adopted this diet. They lost two times the weight that they would have actually lost following a low calorie diet.

Apart from losing weight the diet also helped the dieters see remarkable improvements in their blood cholesterol level. Dieters could also see drop in triglyceride levels as compared to the one who followed a low calorie and low fat diet.

2 Ideas that made the diet work effectively

Dr Atkins introduced the diet based on 2 ideas. Firstly, our body requires more energy to burn proteins and fats and in this process our body ends up using more calories. Secondly, the dieters would pee away calories when they completely stop consuming carbohydrates and the whole process is known as ketosis.

Four phases of the diet

  1. Induction
  2. Balancing
  3. Fine-Tuning
  4. Maintenance

Foods that you should avoid while you are on this diet  

  • Sugar: ice creams, cakes, soft drinks, candy and fruit juices
  • Trans Fats: Avoid processed foods
  • Grains : barley, wheat, rice, rye and spelt
  • Vegetables with high Carb like turnips, carrots etc during induction phase only
  • Starches : sweet potatoes, potatoes during induction phase only
  • Legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas during induction phase only
  • Fruits with high carbs: apples, oranges, bananas, grapes and pears (during induction phase)
  • Low fat and diet foods.

You will certainly lose noticeable amount of weight if you adopt this diet and make sure you follow the diet consistently as per its four phase plan.

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