A lot of people still do not have any idea about the foods for a no carb diet and this article is going to tell you about all the vital foods that you must need when you are following a low carb diet plan.

foods for a no carb dietIf you are really determined to lose weight fast, one of this most effective diet plans that you should opt for is low carb diet. One of the crucial benefits of having this kind diet is that it is a long term diet plan. There you can find a lot of weekend or crash diet plans and most of them are simply not effective at all. Over the course of no carb diet, you will discover some excellent meals options. All you need to know is what are the foods that you should and what not. Knowing foods for a no carb diet is extremely important.

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Foods that allowed to have while following no carb diet:


This particular diet plan is meat lover’s paradise because it allows you to have all types of meats but as a health oriented person you should avoid red meats. There’s no limitation on having lean meats like chicken, fish etc. Make sure you are not using any sort of filler or breading while cooking the chicken. When you are buying canned chicken or sea foods, you must check the amount of carbohydrates.


Eggs are completely fine when you are following this particular type of diet plan.  If you want to decrease the fat and carbohydrate content from your eggs, boiling or poaching could be the best way to do so.

Green vegetables:

Vegetables that come with green vegetables are the excellent food items for no carb diet plan. Most of the low starched vegetables come with low carbohydrates and high amount of protein and fiber which is really good for your health. Make sure you are not consuming any kind of starchy vegetables like potatoes, carrots, peas and corns. Mushrooms, beans, cabbage, tomatoes are some of the examples of low starched vegetables that come with a good amount of protein.


No matter what type of diet plan you are following, foods are always great. But when it comes to following no carb diet in a serious manner, you should actually avoid the fruits that come with higher gycemic level. Some of the popular high glycemic fruits are watermelon, bananas, citrus fruits and pineapple etc. Most of the people believe that all fruits are good to have because they provide almost same nutritional value but this is not a true fact as fruits like Banana comes with high amount of sugar and that’s why you should have this type of fruits rarely.

Now you might have got an idea about the legitimate foods for a no carb diet. It’s time buy these items from the market and start your no carb dieting in a serious manner.

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