High protein diet refers to the kind of diet that is very rich in proteins and is usually suggested by nutritionists and body-builders in order to gain muscle mass and lose fat efficiently. Protein diets are necessary for anaerobic exercise particularly for weight training and bodybuilding. Protein is required in an adequate amount to build up the skeletal muscle and other tissues.high protein diet

What to eat: Things that one needs to eat during the high protein diet include soy protein isolate, boiled green soybeans, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, peanuts, steak, chicken breast, salmon fillet and tuna(canned). Oat meals must also be consumed.

However, other food rich in protein that must be included in your high protein diet are tofu, pork, veal, cheese, milk, beef, turkey, fish, nuts. And if you’re into intense workout then you can also opt for protein supplements that also will help you to build up the muscle mass and also help you repair the tissues broken during the anaerobic exercise.

The amount of protein consumption varies according to the body size. 0.8-1.3 grams of protein must be consumed for each pound of the body weight. It’s the ideal range. It helps in building the body muscle and lose the body fat.

Benefits of the high-protein diet:

The high protein diet helps in various ways. The benefits include

-Since protein is easily digested by the body, so the stored carb and fat is burnt and used for energy. Digestion doesn’t require much energy when it comes to digesting protein and a lot of energy is provided.

-It lessens the skin problems such as acne.

-It helps one in becoming lean.

-It lessens the stomach problems as well. It helps in clearing the bowel movements and lessens the issue of gas and sometimes, even leads to no gas. It reduces cramps as well.

Side effects of high protein diet:

Well, every diet has its pros and cons and this diet as well has its cons that include

-Extreme amount of protein intake rather than the other calories can cause metabolic disturbance which may sometimes lead to death, commonly known as rabbit starvation.

-Increased amount of protein intake can lead to renal diseases which may lead to renal diseases, causing kidney failure.

High protein diet is however, very much recommended for people in the field of body building because it helps in burning the fat really soon and gain muscle mass.

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