A recent study from the Duke University Medical Center has revealed the fact that high protein high fat diet plan actually works. This particular diet allows your body to have low or no amount of carbohydrate.  The researchers at Duke University medical center has stated ” we found that the low carb diet was more effective for weight loss” and this is a very good news for the people who have been trying hard to lose weight.

high protein high fat diet planKnow how carbohydrate causes weight gain:

Always remember one thing that a diet plan with high amount of carbohydrate increases the amount of sugar in your blood. When there’s surge in the level of sugar in blood, our body reacts to it by producing insulin which regulates the level of blood sugar. Once your body produces over insulin, it stores the excess amount as fat and at the same it increases the craving for carbs. Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind this carb craving. Well, insulin drops the blood sugar level and carbs would elevate the level again. It is a vicious cycle that keeps repeating and causes you to gain unwanted weight.

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How low carb and high protein high fat diet plan helps you to lose weight:

When your body finds the deficiency of carbohydrate in your body, it automatically starts a process called Ketosis that burns stored fat for producing energy and that’s the reason high protein high fat diet plan works so efficiently when it comes to losing weight scientifically. The main objective behind a good amount of protein and healthy fat is that it does not allow your body to burn muscles for producing energy. Your body uses the stored fat only.

A lot of people think Ketosis and Ketoacidosis is same but they are totally different.  ketoacidosis is a serious condition which develops in people with type1 diabetes and this is serious medical condition.

A lot of diet plans have incorporated the idea of high protein high fat diet plan. Some of the popular high protein and low carb diets are Atkins diet, Zonal diet, South Beach diet etc. A lot of people have already lost a significant amount of fat by following these plans.

When it comes to following a low carb and high protein high fat diet plan, you are only allowed to have carbohydrate not more than 20 percent of you total calorie intake. Complex carbohydrate are completely forbidden. The only healthy carbohydrate that you are allowed to have when following this type of diet is fiber. Unlike other carbohydrate types, fiber does not break into sugar and at the same time it  makes your bowel system better and reduces the chance of diabetes.

Now it’s time to follow a healthy high protein high fat diet plan and see the positive changes in health very soon.

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