How to lose belly fat  – There is no magic or secret trick to lose the belly fat in one week; it depends up on the food, diet, consistent exercise, proper sleep and the most important is mind set. When you read this looks like very simple but when it comes to practical very difficult to follow all this, may be people continue for 1 or 2 days and later part of the days they missed to follow few method which we mention above, to keep the body fit and lose belly fat for lifelong people have to follow all the procedure consistent.

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how to lose belly fat
how to lose belly fat

Most of the people spend thousands of dollars and ask to doctor how to lose belly fat faster and keep the belly flat for life long, but they have to understand the simple trick this will get naturally by following the simple procedure which we mention above. Always consistent is important for anything what we are doing weight loss or anything related to our life style.

Important fruits for belly fat burner

There are number of fruits, vegetable and other methods to reduce the fat and keep the belly flat for life long, here I mention few important fruits, vegetable and other methods to use daily life ( most of the things which I mention below it will be easily available in the market ), it will help to you for belly fat burner




Green Tea


Greek Yogurt


Mind Set (Meditation)

Always Mindset is very important for any task we are doing, otherwise most of the time we fail to do consistency for long time.  Meditation will play main role to lose body fat faster, while we doing meditation every day it will boost to burn the body fat and most important it will help to reduce the stress.

As per research it says due to the fast lifestyle and more work pressure from office the body fat will increase day by day, so the mediation is very important role to keep the body fit and remove the stress in the mind.

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