Keto Diet Before And After: 2 Week Diet Plan You Should Know

Keto Diet Before and After Plan – Typically I’m not a fan of prescribed “diets”-I’m living with more anti-diet slogan. Call me jaded, but these days the term “diet” has some negative connotation, generally accompanying it with “fad” or “restrictive.” So, I did some serious digging on the ketogenic diet and whether it’s healthy when I had the opportunity to give a two-week test run.

keto diet before and after

Here’s what I know about the keto diet: you substitute a high-carb food that most people tend to eat for a diet that is high in fat, medium in protein, and low in carbohydrates. The idea is to change the body’s source of energy (and burn calories) from glucose (sugars) to ketones (fat). But, after one bulletproof coffee, this change doesn’t happen. It takes some days to your body to eat this way to achieve ketosis-where it appears like fat as its first source of fuel. Though, once there, the body “will always burn fat,” says Dr. Axe. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re working out or sleeping or what you’re doing; the body keeps burning fat in ketosis.” I feel inspired and relaxed with the 411 on how the keto diet works. The concept is rooted in science about the loss of nutrition and weight. And I liked learning from my initial conversations with Dr. Axe that ketogenic diet tests are always supposed to be time-bound eating this way is not a lifestyle, and it makes sense. Part of the requirements for this ranked list was whether a diet is safe and easy to follow — neither is the keto diet, but it is not meant to be. “For their lives, I do not recommend people to follow strict ketogenic diets,” Dr. Axe says. “I recommend 30-to 90-day periods and then move into a more’ cycling’ phase where you can cycle in and out of Keto.” Dr. Axe admits that most people will find it difficult to follow a keto diet, as many Americans have foods high in sugar, salt, and carbs. But he says the potential benefits of boosting brain health, supporting muscles, and improving overall performance in the gym, office, and lifetime are worth putting into the hard work. ↪️Download the detail Keto Weight loss Diet method here ↪️

All that said, I was willing to test the keto diet — and not less in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I enjoyed the idea of demonstrating that eating fat doesn’t make you fat-a food theory. I’d like to see death quicker.

The Time Of Planning.

A strategy will require all new habits. Luckily, I had the Keto360 Guide (which laid out how all this was going to go down), Dr. Axe at my fingertips for ALL queries, a Keto360-approved nutrition list, and a husband who decided to hop with me on the two-week keto bandwagon. (Research shows that having a buddy system would improve your health, diet, and even adhere to your New Year’s resolutions.)

It seemed to me that Keto meals were so big and rich, and it wasn’t how I was used to dining. I also consider myself a flexitarian, so the idea of eating more meat-and more frequently than I would typically-gave me a break. Dr. Axe told me that if they planned well enough, even vegetarians would be able to take off a keto diet. That said, he is a supporter of animal products and red meat in general because of the iron it offers for women (who are more vulnerable to deficiency) and because it can improve strength in the absence of carbohydrates.

Nonetheless, I enjoy cooking and still prepare my meals on the daily. With a keto food list in my hand and Dr. Axe’s suggestions in my head, I packed my grocery cart with family-sized versions of what I usually buy (apples, fruit, nut butter, kale), and a lot more pork than ever in my cart (ground beef, ham, REAL bacon). What’s been missing? Some of my usual high-carb products, such as English full-grain muffins, orange juice, butternut squash, and tortilla chips.

Although I felt pretty optimistic about my ability to cut off apparent carbs, I felt less sure about doubling my fat. This is one aspect of a ketogenic diet that I believe is overlooked by many people. Not only is Keto a low-carb diet, but it is also a high-fat diet.

I could about handle coconut oil and avocado. But there was one thing that was hovering over me over the next two weeks: Dr. Axe’s intermittent fasting (IF) built into his system. (This does not include all keto diets.) You can choose from three different eating periods on Keto360, and I went for the longest time: noon to 8 p.m., which meant that I wouldn’t consume solid food until midday. I have an ambitious workout regimen that requires energy (and recovery) regularly, so I was concerned that I would really miss my morning yogurt with berries and be hanging around 10 a.m. Dr. Axe told me that it would not only be possible for me to manage IF but that momentarily starving the body this way would help it to recover. “If you fly for a while, you essentially let your body’s systems rest and recover completely.” And he’s right. That’s precisely why sleep is the most important thing for weight loss and wellbeing, why products like beauty night creams are there, and why rest days are crucial to achieving any fitness goal. Nutrition breaking down, rapid cell turnover, and muscle tear repairing all occur during rest.

Plus, before noon, it’s not like I couldn’t feed my stomach. Both choices are low-carb keto beverages like tea, milk, and coffee, and Dr. Axe suggested adding protein (such as his bone broth and protein powders) to my fluids to help fend off hunger. I tested with Dr. Axe’s bone broth protein and collagen protein as well as unsweetened nondairy milk like almond and oat milk during my two weeks. Although expert opinion is mixed on the bioavailability of collagen powder and its potential health benefits, by trial and error, I landed as my go-to morning brew on coffee with oat milk and collagen peptides. I also took some of the morning nutrients from Dr. Axe’s Keto Fire. They contain exogenous ketones, which is a sophisticated way to say that bonus ketones are not created by my body alone. ↪️ Refer the full keto meal plan here ↪️

I was ready and excited about the challenge with meals planned, research done, and supplements on hand. Here’s a snapshot of my two-week experience— and the effects of the keto diet that came with it:

Day 1:

8:15 a.m. And that’s howling my belly. It knows it’s breakfast time, and I’m taking it away. My protein coffee was mixed, and I rushed out of the house. My first thought is that an excellent contrast to black coffee is the taste of vanilla. But towards the end of the thermos, I know that no matter how you dice it, vanilla bone protein coffee with skim milk is not the same as a blonde vanilla roast.

Day 2:

My office has a bagel shop for less than one block away. I’m going through it every day and never really think about it. Okay, today, it’s not! The freshly baked all bagels smell— and was that veggie cream cheese that I smelled? Wafting out of the door as soon as I passed. (While I later found out there’s a way to get bread and live in ketosis.)

Day 3:

I’m sick of AF. Like the tired, you have to use your left arm to raise your right arm when you’re so drained. Somehow, I came out of bed to work out to find that cardio had never been more hard, so I had to do some chill strength training. However, feelings of lethargy were to be predicted, says Dr. Axe, who says that days 2 and 3 were also the most difficult for him when he first tried Keto. “Each body is different,” he tells me. “By day 5, some people feel better, some take two weeks.”

Day 4:

Lunch pick-up has so far been successful. There was some tilapia, zucchini, and yellow squash today and a side salad for kale and tofu. For a better fatty measure, I shot half an avocado. Yeah, and I know I’ve already lost a pound, which is probably just water-weight-carbs retaining water, so it’s a surefire way to release any fluid in your body-but still. Weight loss wasn’t my target, but I doubt that I’m alone in saying, “I’m going to take it!”

Day 5:

As fate does, 3 p.m. Rolls around, and we receive a message that the conference room includes cookies. I snacked on keto-approved foods such as Granny Smith apples and full-fat cottage cheese with blueberries without any real cravings issues. But knowing that there are cookies, I can’t eat makes me feel somewhat cheated.

Day 6:

Keto360 program suggested not more than half an avocado a day, and most nutritionists will probably agree. While the smooth, green fruit is filled with a lot of healthy fats that I need heavily to stay in ketosis, a pop will quickly add up at 300 calories. (One gram of fat is nine calories, compared with four calories per gram of protein and carbs.)

Indeed, calories aren’t the only thing that matters in your diet, but if you’re trying to lose weight (which is a big reason many people try the keto diet), it’s crucial for success to be conscious of mixing all those high-fat foods.

Day 7:

Heavy fatigue set in on days 3 and 4, but in the last couple of days, I turned the corner and began to feel more like myself. Now I Completed half of the program I feel like I got this Keto meal-planning thing down-even if the food isn’t all I wished for and dreamed. (More on the following). And I can practice the way I’m used to effectively. I hit the bar, the car, and the (kettle)bells throughout the weekend, and it feels great. I’ve got my energy back then some. And at the same time, I feel lighter and stronger (down another pound).

Day 8:

I’m still struggling to find a morning drink that I like, and that keeps me full, so I’m trying my coffee with flavorless protein powder plus a splash of macadamia nut milk. It’s not the same as a creamed French press, but it’s a win! I’m beginning to get a little disgusted about all the meat I’ve eaten in the past week on the solid-food front. It’s more than three times as long as I would typically eat. Lamb burgers, tacos for a turkey lettuce wrap, salads for chicken. My metabolism is off (although I take probiotics every morning), so Dr. Axe recommends lunch supplements for his Keto Digest. These produce fat-digestive enzymes that help break down and help break down the extra fat and protein that my body is not used to eating.

Day 9:

I’ve been caved. I was rushing out of the door for work in the morning, and this morning, I had a big spoonful of peanut butter, but I was standing, all right?! While I’m secretly wondering if that’s enough to take me out of ketosis, there’s no shame. For my workout time, I need oil.

Day 10:

I’m beginning to get sick with the same foods I know are safe bets. And the number of times I have Googled is coming out of hand: “Is keto?.” I found that the only real influence I have on the keto diet is that there are so many good, nutritious foods you can’t eat while you’re on it. (Perhaps that’s why experts say that once and for all, you should give up restrictive diets.) Carrots? What about sweet potatoes? Springs from Brussels? In taking these foods off my plate, what vitamins and nutrients do I miss?

Day 11:

Incidentally, the women at the salad shop put bread in my bag even though I said no bread. Making my way out of the door, I tossed it out. It’s a sad day today. In other news, I’ve been keeping up with my workouts, my strength is still kicking, and I lost another pound.

Day 12:

Dr. Axe assured me from the outset that I could stick to my usual type of workouts, now I’m happy to say that I can keep up with my favorite boxing and cycling classes without feeling tired.

Day 13:

I have a friendship of love-hate with this sporadic thing of fasting. It’s “working,” I suppose, and I hope I’m losing some weight. (Moreover, improved body composition and meaning can result in weight loss.) If I ask Dr. Axe to attribute my performance to Keto or IF, he says both. “I’d say 80/20 is in support of keto more strongly, but intermittent fasting still helps,” he says. Keto’s fat-burning capabilities have more strength behind it when it comes to weight loss, he adds in particular, but intermittent fasting can be great for digestion and feel good.

Day 14:

This is the last day of the Keto360 program, so obviously, for my morning workout, I wear my Body by Butter shirt. Heavy lifting interval training and aerobic bursts were integrated into the course, and when it was over, I felt like I could go for round two.

Basically, I’m happy with the results of my keto diet, both internally and externally. In two weeks, I lost 4 pounds, gained more strength and flexibility from my exercise, and, more often than not, I think I could see better muscle tone rather than feeling bloated and weighed. Dr. Axe’s final advice was encouraging: because I had an excellent keto trial run already, he says, if I decided to go through some keto weeks (or even a month, next time), I could easily reach ketosis even faster.

In fact, he says my diet is part of why I haven’t experienced keto flu. People who are more prone to these uncommon but severe symptoms from a high-carbon and high-protein diet to a high-fat diet, he says. That’s why he explains that he designed a Feast Phase— when you add fats to your diet without necessarily limiting your carbs— into his Keto360 program.

keto diet before and after

Before and after pics, some people may look at my side-by-side and think, “She was healthy before, and now she looks the same.”But eating and exercising should always be more than aesthetics. How do you think about your diet and fitness habits? Food is fuel (and recovery) for your most enjoyable activities. When eating healthy means that you gain some perspective, it’s just icing on the cake to end up with a better behind. BTW, I’ve got the cake right now. ↪️Check here to download Keto Diet Plan↪️

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