Slim Fast Diet – Today beauty is synonyms with slim look. People have understood that no make-up or costly clothes can defeat over-weight appearance.  At present, everybody is too  busy to follow strict weight loss plan by exercising. For them, slim fast diet is the best option. Like other diets plan,  the slim fast diet is a low-calorie diet. It advises you to consume 1200 calories in a day with 3 snacke and 2 meals that you prepare at home. This enables you to have a balanced meal each day such that you get the requisite nutrients. Besides, slim fast meal replacements contain fewer calories than your regular meals.

slim fast dietOur market is flooded with  variety of slim fast products like bars, shakes, soups etc. as a substitute for your meal. Its my suggestion not to go for it as fitness first then weight maintenance. You should understand that weight loss programme is a combination of 75% diet and 25% exercise. How much fast you are, still patience has its value.

This is an old plan with new name. All of us are known to the fact that restricting the intake of calories, fat and carbs and taking smaller portions with more options burns more calories. Read the below mentioned plan. It contains nutrition and result-oriented.

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Slim Fast Diet Plan

Early morning: 2 glasses of luckwarm water with lemon.

Breakfast: A worth checked slim shake with a gap of 30 minutes, take 1 bowl  sprouts having all seasonal fruits and onion, tomato pieces.

Mid day snacks: 1 plate full of variety of salads.

Lunch: 2 chappatis with boiled dal and boiled subzi.

Evening snacks: 1 cup tea with no sugar or any fruit containing more roughage.

Dinner: 2 chapptis without ghee on it/ half plate rice with 1 bowl of dal and subzi.

Don’t forget to take walk after 30 minutes of dinner. Immediate walk is harmful and it puts disturbance in digestion process. Finish your dinner by 8:00 p.m. and if you feel hungry then take water or any seasonal fruit but no soft drinks.

Instead of taking protein meal shakes from the market, prepare it at home. You can opt for fruits like an orange, a banana, grapes, cherries or a pear, carrot sticks. Be strict to take 1 full plate of salads during mid-day time. Make this plate yummy with all fruits and leafy vegetables.  Don’t crave for food, it result in emergence of negative harmones and lead to weight gain. Use multigrain wheat for rotis, it speed up the metabolism and result-oriented in the process of fast weight loss.

Again I want to share my views on slim fast products. Check the credentials of the company and the ingredients. The proportion of gluten has to be impact.It is important to know how the diet plan is reacting, take some time to evaluate the reaction of your food intake. You will get benefits  in the long run and in future also won’t face the problem of weight gain. The most positive effect of slim diet has been seen on diabetic people, their glucose level has become normal.

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