A lot of people are following low carb diet routine but unfortunately most of them have no proper idea about what vegetables to eat on low carb diet. When it comes to having vegetables, some vegetables are always a better choices than others. Most of the non-starchy vegetables come with very less amount of carbohydrate. It is always better to stick to salad vegetables when you are looking for vegetables to eat on low carb diet.

vegetables to eat on low carb dietleafy greens:

Leafy green come with very low amount of carbohydrates. It is always better to track the total carb consumption and you must go for tracking net carb content. Now you might be wondering to know the procedure of tracking net car content. Well, it’s very simple because all you have to do is track the consumption of total carbs and minus the fiber from it. Net carbs which available in a food, actually influence the weight and blood sugar levels. For example, 1/2 cups of aragula comes with .2g of net carbs, 1/2 cups of iceberg lettuce contains .1 mg net carbs.

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It is one of the best vegetables to consume when you are following a low carb diet plan. You can have few slices of cucumber when you are having snacks. You add slices in your sandwich or you can also have it with tuna. A serving of 1/2 cup of cucumber comes with 1.0g of carbs.


If you are looking for a very quick low carb snack or just want to add a different flavor to your meal, radishes are always a good option to go for. If you have 5 radishes at a time, still the net carbs intake won’t cross the limit of 0.5g.

Alfalfa sprouts:

If you want to add volume to your salad and at the same time limit the carbohydrate consumption also, alfalfa sprouts are always a good option to go for. A cup of alfalfa sprouts come with only 0.4g of carbs.

Endive and escarole:

Both of them come under the same family. These vegetables are completely free of carbs. If you want to follow  a full no carbs diet, consuming these vegetables could be a great option.


It is definitely one of the best vegetables to eat on low carb diet. It is also used for adding some crunch to your no carb diet. A stalk of celery only contains 0.8g of carbs.

Parsley and chives:

You can simply use it to add tasty flavors to your salad or no carb marinates.  A tablespoon of parsley or chives come with only 0.1g of carbs.

Now you might have gotten an idea about what vegetables to eat on low carb diet.

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